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Professional lighting for a commercial property can enhance its image, increase visibility, and brighten the community. The right lighting design can set the tone for your customers, homeowners or employees and allow them to experience the holiday spirit. Mobile Illumination provides commercial lighting installation and design with impeccable attention to detail and unparalleled professional service.

We are experts in the field of outdoor decorative lighting. Our award-winning designs can be found on the most impressive properties, from A-list celebrities to popular LA hot spots because year after year we deliver exceptional beauty to the most discriminating tastes. While we know there are other companies and individuals who may offer lower prices, the end result is that our quality can never be beat and the difference is easy to recognize because we never cut corners and our lighting displays hold to a higher standard.

Exceptional Commercial Outdoor Lighting Service

Your commercial lighting design is customized specifically for your company’s preferences. We work with your vision, landscape, property and budget to create a stunning expression of the holiday spirit. Every outdoor lighting design is impeccably created with our team of engineers to ensure a flawless execution. Your company’s personalized lighting display will be something that your employees and customers will enjoy.

Professional Commercial Christmas Lighting

Each Christmas lighting installation is carefully engineered before we even arrive at your business or home. Our experienced, professional, and courteous crew systematically installs your company’s lighting with almost no impact on your daily operations. We will never try to lock you into multi-year contracts because we are confident that you will love our design, installation, and service and as a result, we will earn your business year after year.

We provide all decorations, lights, garland, extensions cords, timers, fasteners, and materials needed. We will never ask you to purchase or lease our décor. By owning the materials, we ensure that each and every decoration and light is in top condition, approved for outdoor use, and properly prepared for the season. Additionally, by not having to purchase the decorations, you have the flexibility of changing your lighting design from year to year.

Free Maintenance of Commercial Outdoor Lighting

After your commercial outdoor lighting has been installed, we will monitor your business during the season to make sure your lighting decor continues to function as intended. If maintenance should be required, we will fix your lighting at no cost to you and we will leave you a notification of any work performed.

Timely Removal Commercial Christmas Lighting

After the holiday season, we will carefully remove the Christmas lights and decorations in an expeditious time-frame. There will be no additional charge, as removal services are included in all lighting packages. There is no need for action on your part; we will handle everything.

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